We will provide a unilateral non-disclosure agreement in the following form. We are also happy to sign any specific additional non-disclosure agreement you may require.

Non-Disclosure Agreement

Parties to This Agreement

This is an agreement between

Global Risk Management Foundation, of PO Box 607, Cammeray, NSW 2062, Australia ('the Foundation')

Your name, of ... your address ... ('the Client')

Your provider's name, of ... provider address ... ('the Provider')


The Client has asked the Provider to evaluate its risk management framework and processes.

The outcomes of the evaluation ('the Outcomes') are of commercial value to the Client.

The Client and the Provider have asked the Foundation to examine the Outcomes for the purpose of determining whether and in what form a certificate can be issued, and to issue such a certificate ('the Stated Purpose').

The Foundation undertakes:

To use the Outcomes for the Stated Purpose only.

To maintain the security of the Outcomes at a level no less stringent than if they were commercial information belonging to the Foundation.

To destroy all physical and electronic copies of the Outcomes as soon as the Stated Purpose has been achieved, and to confirm to both the Client and the Provider that this has been done.

signed and dated

Director, Global Risk Foundation